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Who Are Harmony Catering?

Welcome to our website, the online home of Harmony Catering owned by Vivienne and Henry Franco.

Well known in Meath, the couple have 50 year’s combined experience in food & hospitality in Portugal, UK and Ireland. The couple met in 1998 in The Dolphin Hotel in Jersey, UK and in 1999 they took over the Trafalgar Bay Hotel.

In 2001 Vivienne and Henry left the Trafalgar Bay and went into the Water’s Edge Hotel and, at the end of the year they got married at the former Beatles hot spot.

Soon after their wedding, the couple moved to Madeira, where Henry is from, and started their own very successful business.

Vivienne’s heart always longed for Ireland and, having decided to start a family, in 2005, they moved to the Boyne Valley.

The couple have spent many years managing the restaurant, events and weddings for an award-winning family-run hotel in Co. Meath,

In March 2018 they decided it was time to strike out on their own again and they opened the doors of their new venture, Royal Tara Golf Club’s acclaimed restaurant with an impeccable menu showcasing their roots and the finest Boyne Valley food produce.

They developed their private catering division from this time also and in 2019 they’ve now taken over their second restaurant at the delightful The Black Bush Golf in Thomastown, Co Meath.

Their interest and experience in the hospitality sector is evident at every point of your experience with Harmony Catering whether it’s at their resturants or at an event they’ve privately catered for.

We look forward to welcoming you to Harmony Restaurants for a dining experience you’ll love.

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